Sunday, 19 September 2010

UPDATE Part Two : list of New Veggie Restaurants Japan

I did make a list of veggie restaurants that opened recently (the last year) and that aren't in the Japan Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide.

There are some pretty exciting new restaurants that defenitely should be checked out..

With this list of new restaurants and the recent check up of all the restaurants in the vegan pocketguide i would say the pocketguide is up to date again. :-)

list of new veggie restaurants (bottom of webpage)


  1. hey great blog! i really need it
    I'm turning to Vegan (am Vegetarian but hating it) and I'm suffering :D
    two things, could you post the picture (i'm also a foreign but love animals so want to stop with eggs and milk (milk is done! found rice and oat meal milk, made at home!)) of "seitan" and "nutritional yeast" that the recipes so much talk about but I can't find anywhere in the market and I can't read japanese,
    thank you so much. that would save me