Saturday, 3 April 2010

First Vegan Earth Day Festival Kyoto !

ever visited an Earth Day Festival ? well, i did last year in Tokyo, and it was rather dissapointing. It wasn’t “Green” nor was it “Vegetarian”, not even “Vegetarian-friendly”.
Food booths selling roasted pork were the most populair food booths. Roasted pork ??? The meat industry is responsible for much environmental damage worldwide and also is one of the worlds largest emiters of Greenhouse gasses that are responsible for Global Warming. Instead of serving meat, this festival should promote a vegetarian diet and inform people about Global Warming and the meat industry.

Seems i am not alone with these thoughts. :-)

Beginning of may the organisers of the famous Vegetarian Festival Kyoto will organise another great festival ; the VEGAN Earth Day Festival. It will focus on the relation between the environment and our diet.
Living in Tokyo and looking for a nice weekend trip ? Sunday may 2 is a good reason to take the Shinkansen to Kyoto and the new Vegan Earth Day Festival !

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