Sunday, 7 February 2010

Talk Or Not To Talk The Veggie Talk

When you are a veggie, should you talk about that whenever you have the oportunity, such as when your non-veggie family or co-workers invite you for a non-veggie dinner ?
Or should you be silent and don’t bother your non veggie friends with your diferent lyestyle ?

Most western veggies really talk the talk to just anyone and everywhere. A restaurant not serving at least a few veggie dishes ? Veggies always complained loudly about that. The result is that restaurants have listened and now at least most restaurants serve some veggie options.
Western veggies are loudmouths, maybe not always polite, but it works.

Barbie Hsu, and other celebrities, openly and actively support vegetarianism.

Many japanese veggies on the other hand, seem to rather prefer not to talk about there veggie lyfestyle with their non veggie friends, co workers, or in a non veggie restaurant. It seems better to just join and dont talk veggie, because people might think you are strange. A Japanese veggie i know, even did eat meat because she was invited at a dinner and she wanted to “respect” the family and don’t be rude.

What is your opinion, should veggies talk the veggie talk or be silent ?


  1. I say definitely talk the talk.
    A lot of people only need a little push: they can't do anything to change if they've never even thought about it.
    I always talk to anyone who's even a little willing to talk about it.

    Animals are dying out there: being "impolite" should be the last goddamn thing to worry about.

  2. Different world out there in Japan, that's what it is. Have you heard of expression "The nail sticks out gets hammered down"? That goes with pretty much everything in Japan. That's a culture, unfortunately. You'd have to follow the crowd, do exactly the same thing with everybody, otherwise you'd be ostracized in the worst case. Individual or personal this and that is considered selfish/self-centered, and no-no. Of course, preference of food is not an exception either unless you have proven food allergy. I know things have been slowly changed in the recent years but still, this "follow the crowd" tendency exists. Added to it, ppl in Japan in general is not fully aware of what's really going on in the world. They also don't know much about how those juicy hamburger they're about to bite is made or where exactly it's coming from, also the suffering of animals been sacrificed for it. Sad but it's true...