Saturday, 16 January 2010

Vegan Earth Day Festival

Last year i visited the Earth Day Festival in Tokyo. It was a sunny day and there were much visitors that day. To me, this mega event with a high media profile was such a huge disapointment. Despite the environmental sound of the festivals name, Earth Day, it’s just a commercial festival. Most of the food that day wasn’t vegetarian. Most food that day was meat, with some booths only selling fried meat.
Selling and promoting MEAT on a supposedly environmental event is .... not very environmental. The whole meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses that warm our planet and causes catastrophic climate changes.

By the way, the monthly recommended Earth Day Markets in Yoyogi Park are not related to this yearly commercial Earth Day Festival.

Anyway, i wasn’t the only one feeling rather disapointed by this commercial meat-eating and meat promoting “environmental festival”.So, guess what, thanks to active japanese vegans soon Japan will have another GREAT national vegan festival. Besidess the already great and famous Tokyo Veggie Foods Festa and the Kyoto Vegetarian Festival, both in october, this new festival called Vegan Earth Day will be on may 2 (sunday) in Okazaki Park, Kyoto !!
Stay tuned for more details. ;-)

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