Sunday, 6 December 2009

Anti Fur Isetan

Shopping is entertaining and i regularly go shop in Isetan or Kinokuinya.
Just the other day i could find a French Frie Cutter that i was looking for for long time !!
But sometimes shopping is less nice, because all too often we are confronted with fur. But what can we do ? We can join an anti fur demo, like last month's Anti Fur demo in Tokyo. But what can you do the rest of the year when you see fur ? Feel helpless, frustrated and sad ?

While wandering the Isetan floors, a couple of weeks ago i saw three fur coats at the "Pinky and Diana" section. As a regular Isetan customer i decided to make a complaint, so i did go to the sales staff. Sales staff don't have any decision power, so when making a complaint, you have to do it to the manager. I talked with the sales staff a little about fur, they don't know anything and hardly can understand but thats okay, and i tell them i want to see the manager to make a complaint.
Long story short, first a lady comes who turns out not to be the manager, and finally a gentlemen comes who is the manager of the ladies clothes. I shortly and kindly tell him i a am shocked to see fur in Isetan and ask his email adres so i can send information about fur from Peta.
Long story short, the next day i send him a polite email with my polite complaint and short info with link about fur.

One week later when i visit Isetan i am happy to see there is no more fur.

Thank you Isetan.

When you see fur (or other animal cruelty) please talk about it with staff and make a polite complaint with the manager. You are customer, so you have the right to complain.

Fur Is Dead

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